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  • As a matter of fact statistics suggest that on average a person will change their career 5 - 7 times during their life.  


  • With the diversity of profession choices on offer today, consequently about 1/3 of the workforce will now change jobs every 12 months. As a result by the age of 42 you will probably have had about ten jobs.


When is it time to consider a vocational change?
Feeling restless, under stimulated or your not being challenged like you used to be in your current role? Changing profession involves a huge leap of faith; however most people generally choose to pursue an existing hobby or interest for a new career rather than complete change. While there may be trepidation, it can also be an exciting time. Our support service will help you to make the changes you need for your next change. Also we will help you to identify the skills you never knew you had. 


You only get one professional life, so you need to make the most of it. Working for a major organisation or securing a large salary aren't always going to guarantee happiness, you should try to utilize the skills that you have. Doing so can help you and your family to achieve a healthier work life balance, and ensure that you maintain your motivation. If your having doubts, then its probably a sign that you need a career change, nothing should stop you finding a job you love.




“Unquestionably It’s nearly inevitable that you’re going to change careers — not just jobs — at some point. It didn’t used to be that way, but now everybody switches careers. Also your old career might fade away or your burnt out in it. To put it another way you can decide at any age that you’re ready for a change, or circumstances might push you into a career change whether you’re ready for it or not!”
Liz Ryan Founder and CEO, Human Workplace

Human Workplace


Whether your looking for better pay or your just bored, the career change support service can help.


Higher Pay

Relocation to a Different Geographic Area

Career Advancement

Choosing a Less Stressful Job

Escaping an Incompetent or Negative Boss

Work-Life Balance

Restructuring at their Company

Lack of Recognition for Accomplishments

Outsourcing of Job Function

Company Moved to a New Location


The CV Inspector caters for a wide range of clients including

School Leavers
Long Term Unemployed
Career Professionals
University Graduates
Single Parents
Ex Forces
Ex offenders
New arrivals to the UK


Without doubt after leaving education its hard to identify the skills that you can offer the employer. Also its hard to identify the information which will be of interest to them.

Also a long period of unemployment can be difficult to explain. It can be due to legitimate but often complex reasons. A professional CV will eliminate the doubt and secure you the interview.


Redundancy support


redundancy - support


Redundancy does not have to be the end of your career, surprisingly it can be the beginning of a new one with our redundancy support service. Being made redundant after many years in a job can be a shock due to changes in the job
market. You could be slightly out of touch with the modern trends and as a result be extremely anxious. However this is completely normal but thankfully in any case it can be rectified.


It's never too late to try a different career. Learning a new set of skills can be a stimulating experience after doing the same thing day in day out . Starting again on a new vocation after  redundancy might feel slightly daunting, but it can be a life changing experience, the like of which you might not get the time for again in your life. Our redundancy support service will help you rebuild your CV, whether its reinvention for a new career path or going back to the same field of employment.

Remember don't panic! our redundancy support service can help, Get in contact today 


To summarise no matter what your situation is we can help......

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