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During the last ten years I have been providing employment support to clients from across the UK. I am fully qualified with a level six in careers guidance. I have helped clients with career change CV's, redundancy CV writing, cover letters and more. Also I am fully qualified in administration, IT and as an Assessor. I have hands on experience of getting people back into work, helping them to fulfill their true potential and get the jobs they deserve. 


My work has helped a diverse group of clients secure lasting employment. Ranging from career professionals to single mums looking for a part time job. From the Long term unemployed to clients leaving education who are looking for their first job. Each challenge is equally unique and rewarding, everyone has something to offer its all about highlighting your skills. Selling yourself to a potential employer can be hard its not something that many of us are naturally good at. A professional CV writer can help you to identify skills & abilities you may not know you have. They know what recruiters and employers are looking for and can target transferable skills that are applicable for a position.

Career change CV's, Redundancy CV writing, Long term unemployed & those leaving education looking for their first job

I have mostly worked in the funded sector. This has given me a unique insight into the obstacles faced by those seeking employment in the modern job market. Redundancy CV writing and career change CV's are increasingly in demand as the work place becomes ever more competitive. We no longer live in a world where a job is for life. Its estimated that we now change careers several times in our working life so being able to adapt to change is crucial.


I've also worked in the recruitment sector which has given me unique insight. I have first hand knowledge of the screening processes your CV will go through once submitted to a potential employer. The recruitment sector has changed a lot over the years, its easy to lose touch with especially if you've been in the same job for a number of years. This can cause big problems when you have to adapt to the modern job market when your old job comes to an end.

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I'm passionate about the service I provide and thrive on helping clients reach their full potential. Unlike some larger services of this kind you wont be treated as just another number. We treat each case individually in order to create a CV that truly reflects who you are and what you have to offer an employer.

There are no templates used in the creation of your CV each one that we write is bespoke. Employers have developed a trained eye for spotting resume templates, Recruiters can spot them a mile away. What type of signal do you think these copy and paste skills send to the hiring manager?

Its your future, you deserve it

So why rely on luck

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