How hard is it to write a professional CV?


Why use a paid service to write your resume? the answer is simple, they know how to write CVs that stand out from the competition. A professional service has the expertise to know which format would suit your CV best. The translation of Curriculum vitae is ‘the story of your life’. Its a personal advertisement that can ensure your next step up the career ladder to better jobs, more money & new career challenges. It must represent the best you have to offer.


Knowing how to write a Curriculum Vitae takes years of practice but its probably something you rarely ever do. Its unrealistic to expect you would know the best CV format to suit the role you were applying for. Its also a challenge knowing how to write your personal statement on your resume, its difficult to avoid being subjective. How many times have you seen traits like hard worker or excellent time keeper on a CV? These are subjective traits and do not belong on a professional Curriculum Vitae.

How much is a good CV worth, How much are you worth?
Undoubtedly more than a professional writer will cost

The first thing a recruiter will want to know is why your CV & cover letter are in front of them. A good resume needs to convey your the journey of your career so far. The reason your applying and why your worth the time to interview for a job? Personal statements are the first thing a recruiter reads, so yours must be relative to the job your applying for. It needs to concisely tell the recruiter why you're the best applicant. A skillful CV coach can distill your abilities when they write your Curriculum Vitae and use the best CV format.


How to write a CV? in truth most people can’t sell themselves in their Curriculum vitae or they over do it. If you’re struggling to express your previous work experience & education or your unsure of the correct resume & cover letter format a professional resume writer can help. Writing a Curriculum Vitae is a specialist craft. Skilled writers can discern what to use (and perhaps more importantly, what not to). Our support will help you express it all in a clearly formatted document that in a word, will unlock doors…


Is it worth paying for a resume, I could do it myself?

Do It Yourself


Is it worth the cost of using writing services? Just as most of us shouldn’t be our own doctor, plumber, or mechanic, a Curriculum vitae specialist is no different. Your a expert in your field but how good are you at something you only do once every several years? If you don't know how to write a eye catching resume it could cost you more than you might think. A bad CV could cost you thousands on missed opportunities alone. Just think about the jobs you have missed out on as a result of never getting passed the application stage.


Why CV format is important and how a writing service can help achieve the best results

ClockJust like music and fashion, even resumes have to be stylish and move with the times. CV writing services know best how to use a format for resumes and cover letters. They know what will get more than a passing glance from a potential boss. It is vital to use a profile that best represents your current situation. There are many ways of formatting a CV for the best results.


There is no one size fits all as these formats all have their pros & cons. For example, the performance CV format works best for people who intend to stay in the same field. If this format is unsuitable, either the targeted or the functional CV format will be best suited. If you’re not sure about current trends or the correct format for your resume then maybe you need help. A professional writer can give your Curriculum Vitae the shine it deserves.


92% of shortlisting decisions are made solely on the contents of your CV 

Choosing which format would be best for your CVRemember first impressions are vital your document won't get a second chance to impress. CVs and cover letters have to catch the eye within the first few moments of reading them. Employers need to know if it is worth their precious time meeting you. You may have great interview skills, experience, a top rated Linkedin profile, be articulate and have confidence but the only way you will get the chance to show this is by getting that precious one to one. How well does your Curriculum Vitae reflect the real you? think of it as a paper key that can unlock the door to the interview room.


If your resume doesn’t convey your work history & tell the reader that you can do the job then why would they waste taking it further? Choosing the best format is crucial it needs to catch the eye and stand out from the others in the pile. A well written and professionally formatted CV condenses your skills / education and conveys them in a clear and concise way. Basically the entire decision to meet you or reject you is made on the contents of your resume.

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How much is a good CV worth

On average, a job opening attracts over one hundred applications. That’s a lot of CVs to get through for just one vacancy! On average only 5 or 6 people will make it passed the job application stage.

Ever wondered where you’d be now if you’d have gotten that job interview? 


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