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 Whether its CV writing from scratch or just a review of your current resume our London & Southampton CV services can help, now also supporting the whole of the UK!


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Through a thorough inspection, our service can help identify the abilities and skills you possess that make you the ideal candidate. We will edit and condense your resume and pinpoint exactly what makes you head and shoulders above the competition. The scrutiny & objectivity your CV will undergo will help forge your document and give it a meaningful foundation. It's often difficult to be able to stand back from your own career history to assess what's relevant or not. Also its difficult to choose the most appropriate qualities for the jobs you’re looking for. But this is where the Southampton CV service will help, all you need to do is email us & we will take care of the rest.

The more information you can give us to work with the better, we believe we're better because we take the time to get to know you. Because of this think long and hard about your objectives and goals. Also think about any previous achievements and how they relate to your intended role, before you start the process.

Your resume will used by an interviewer as an opportunity for questions, you should ensure you're happy with the way our service has written it and feel confident that its a true reflection of yourself. We believe that being involved in the writing process means that your resume sounds authentic.

The London & Southampton CV service 

"After looking for help I'm so glad I found the Southampton CV service they did a great job with my resume they were a real life saver. Basically I had been made redundant and was out of work for 4 months at this point I was desperate. I was beginning to lose hope but after using the redundancy CV writing service I managed to secure employment within two weeks!"

Richard L

"Initially I was skeptical when I applied for a free consultation for this service. Surprisingly I received a response within hours. Very impressed with this service compared to others I have used both in Southampton and elsewhere . I never realized how much work my old CV needed until I saw my new one. Would highly recommend the Southampton CV service for anyone who needs help with a review, what's more the increase in interview offers was noticeable."

Aisha K

"Summing up hats off to the Southampton CV service for undoubtedly helping me get a job! After long term unemployment due to health issues I never imagined I would ever work full time again. The Southampton CV service is truly a gem, I'm so glad I contacted them for a review. The service felt personal they took time to understand me and also helped me to remember the skills I thought i'd lost. So happy to enjoy the social side of work after such an isolating experience. Give them a try, to be sure you won't regret it."

Theresa C

"Having used professional CV writing services before I can say none of them compare to the service I received from the Southampton CV service. I'm a contractor by trade so my CV gets a lot of use. I'm now getting interviews for jobs I'd have previously thought were out of my reach. Thanks again team and keep up the brilliant work."

Rohit H

"The Southampton CV service without a doubt turned my life around. After 17 years as a chef I never thought I could do anything else due to my age. After being laid off in 2016 I contacted the Southampton CV service as my job search was leading nowhere. I'm now starting a new career and loving every day of it as a result of the help I received. I never realised how burnt out I'd become in catering until I was out of it. 5 stars!!"

Scott M

"I was out of touch with work as I'd spent many years at home as a full time mum. I can't thank you guys enough for helping me back into work. After taking the free CV writing consultation offer I decided to use your service. I now have a part time job that I love to bits"

Lisa K